A quick Brohm-Woodson breakdown

With the start of practice a few hours away, we’re soon going to get answers on, well, nothing. The first day of practice is a bad time to draw impressions. Until the pads go on, it’s all cosmetic. Of course, this year when the pads go on, the doors go closed to fans and media for the most part at UK and U of L.

So after the first practices, we’re going to start to hear about who looks sharper, Brian Brohm or Andre’ Woodson.

Before we start looking ahead, I think one look back at some cold, hard numbers might be useful regarding these two superior quarterbacks.

Let’s play “name that stat line.”

Here goes:

Quarterback A: 56 of 87 for 276 yards per game with 2 touchdowns and one interception. (Completion percentage: 64.4, passing rating of 149.60).

Quarterback B: 98 of 169 for 215 yards per game with 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. (Completion percentage: 58.0, passing rating 121.69).

Who are they? Quarterback A’s stat line belongs to U of L’s Brian Brohm against nationally ranked competition last season. Quarterback B’s line is UK’s Andre’ Woodson’s performance against ranked teams.

Take it for what it is worth, but both played as well against ranked competition as they did against the unranked teams. When people criticize one (or both) for piling up stats against weak competition, stats like this show that their stats are legitimate.

Now consider this: Woodson faced four of the nation’s top 30 pass defenses: LSU and Georgia (both top 5), plus Tennessee and Clemson. His numbers against the very best pass defenses he faced: 83 of 136 (61 percent) for an average of 234 yards per game. He threw for 6 TDs and 3 interceptions against that group, and led the Wildcats to a scoring average of 16 points per game. Take out the clunker against LSU and those stats get even more impressive.

Brohm faced three pass defenses ranked among the top 30 nationally (Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Connecticut). He completed 54 of 84 passes (64.3 percent) for an average of 280.3 yards. He threw 9 TDs and 2 interceptions, and led the Cards to an average of 40.3 points per game. Throw out the clunker at Rutgers, and the numbers are phenomenal.


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