Is Brohm being snubbed?

I’ve seen references here and there, when other quarterbacks are voted ahead of him or he ranks low on Heisman lists, of U of L quarterback Brian Brohm being “snubbed.”

I wouldn’t go that far.

Brohm is outstanding and one of the most efficient passers in the nation.

But when you look at preseason All-American teams, they’re all about numbers.

Last year, the consensus preseason All-American QB was Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn, coming off a season with 32 touchdown passes.

The year before, USC’s Matt Leinart was the consensus preseason pick, coming off a season with 33 touchdown passes.

This year, Brohm is coming off a season with . . . 16 touchdown passes. A lot of factors play into that, not the least of which was former coach Bobby Petrino’s preference for running the ball in the red zone. U of L had 35 rushing touchdowns last season. (By comparison, UK had 12). And Brohm played several games after coming back from his thumb injury at less than 100 percent.

Still, when you look at a season total of 16 TD passes, unless you’re a Pat White or Vince Young, who is a major run-pass threat, that number is going to hurt you on the national lists.

The good news for Brohm is that he’ll probably throw more passes this season than he ever has in college, if he can stay healthy. And he’s had enough career-long exposure that if the numbers and success are there, the accolades will be, too.


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