UK vs. U of L: The Merchandise War

UK and U of L compete in everything athletic, right? It’s no different on store shelves across the country. Now, the reults are in from the past year.

If you’re a UK fan, you can relax in knowing that your worst showing this decade is still better than U of L’s best. If you’re a Cardinal fan, you can be pumped about making giant strides on the Wildcats, who have lost ground in merchandise sales while you have been gaining.

Collegiate Licensing Company, the apparel and merchandise license holder for more than 200 colleges and universities, unveiled its list of top 75 selling schools yesterday and both UK and U of L were on the list.

UK is a regular, and checked in at No. 16 this season — but that’s a fall of four spots from the year before. It’s the fourth straight year of declines for UK, after ranking No. 9 nationally in 2001 and 2002, and represents the lowest ranking since the lists began being released in 2000.

U of L is a newcomer, only having cracked the top 75 for the first time in 2002. While UK remains solidly ahead of its cross-state rival in merchandising, the gap is shrinking. U of L gained five spots to No. 27 this year, its highest ranking ever.

And the 5-spot jump made U of L one of the top movers in the listing. A list of the biggest jumps:

TCU (up 12 spots), Georgetown (8), Boston College (7), Oregon State (6), Nevada (6), Boise State (5), U of L (5), Clemson (4), Nebraska (4), Washington State (4), Marquette (3), Florida (3).

This year’s top 30:
1. Texas
2. Notre Dame
3. Florida
4. Michigan
5. Georgia
6. North Carolina
7. Alabama
8. Oklahoma
9. Tennessee
10. Penn State
11. LSU
12. Florida State
13. Auburn
14. Nebraska
15. Wisconsin
16. Kentucky
17. Illinois
18. Arkansas
19. Miami
20. Clemson
21. South Carolina
22. Kansas
23. Duke
24. Oklahoma State
25. Minnesota
26. Arizona
27. Louisville
28. Maryland
29. Texas Tech
30. Purdue

(Note: Ohio State is not represented by CLC. Raw sales numbers were not provided).

Click here for the complete release.


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