Brohm now a Heisman co-favorite

Jimmy Shapiro, of the sports gaming site, emailed today with that site’s updated college football odds for the coming season.

And guess who is a Heisman co-favorite?

U of L quarterback Brian Brohm has joined Arkansas running back Darren McFadden as a co-favorite at 3-1 according to their odds.

The rest of the list: USC’s John David Booty (5-1), West Virginia’s Steve Slaton (9-2), Hawaii’s Colt Brennan (7-1), Rutgers’ Ray Rice (8-1), Michigan’s Mike Hart (10-1), Florida’s Tim Tebow (12-1), Michigan’s Chad Henne (15-1).

U of L’s odds to win the national title are at 20-1. Its odds to win the Big East are 3-1. West Virginia’s are 2-3.

Other odds:

The over/under on Brohm’s yardage total for the season — 2,700 yards. The over/under on Harry Douglas’ receiving yards — 1,105. Over/under for Mario Urrutia: 950 yards.

UK’s odds of winning the BCS championship are 150-1.

(Photo: Associated Press)


8 thoughts on “Brohm now a Heisman co-favorite

  1. You might want to have the C-J web department put a link to the ‘College Football Preview’ somewhere on the sports page.Just an idea.

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