Cards meet the press

University of Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe held his first pregame news conference today and revealed himself to be a magician.

Somehow, he has the Cardinals believing that Jerry Rice, Tony Romo and Terrell Owens (all former I-AA stars) are showing up in Murray State uniforms on Thursday.

Who’s going to quarterback Middle Tennessee? Peyton Manning?

Still, there was some interesting news. Kragthorpe said that true freshmen Doug Beaumont (of Male) and safety C.J. Peake likely would see the field right away. Both have been drawing raves in reviews leaked from the closed workouts.

A notable style change from the Bobby Petrino era:

When asked how many running backs he might use Thursday, Kragthorpe said, “I have no idea.” The likely Petrino response: “Four, and I already know how many carries each will get. It’s been scripted.” Either that, or, “Yes I know, but I’m not going to tell you. You think I’m going to give you the whole game plan?”

Kragthorpe also proclaimed the depth chart “a waste of time,” noting that depending on the personnel on the field for the offense, he might start a nickel package, thereby rendering useless two-deep.

I think he’ll find that most fans here understand nickel and dime packages. They just want to know who’ll be playing in them!

And a final note. Kragthorpe said he hopes quarterback Brian Brohm “can take every snap” this season.

If Brohm has to take every snap against Murray State, it’s not going to be much of a season.

But thank goodness it’s about to start.


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