Cost of OSU matchup — $5 million

People want specifics of how hard it is to get on a big-time team’s schedule, so here’s one.

The Cardinals tried to set up a game against Ohio State at a neutral site. Ohio State said, all right, but we need $5 million to do it.

Of course, $5 million is probably what Ohio State nets from a home game in the Horseshoe, so it’s not as exorbitant as it might sound on first glance. But U of L can’t pay better than 10 percent of its athletic budget on one football game. U of L’s entire football budget is less than $15 million.

My guess is that U of L could get a road game with the Buckeyes with no return booking, but even that would take quite a few years, given how far schedules are worked out into the future.

I gave U of L some grief for not switching things around to try to travel to Auburn in the second game this season, but even that would have hurt the program financially (though it might have helped in ways that money can’t buy).

But my point this morning was that this Murray State opener was pretty much unavoidable when UK changed the timing of the series just a year out.

There was no quality opponent available, so U of L athletic director took an in-state opponent that was willing to come.

For folks tired of hearing how Kentucky moved the game, that’s part of the price UK is paying for moving it.

As far as I’m concerned, the responsibility ridiculous excuses for opening-week games that both are playing rests squarely in Lexington. And with this being opening weekend, you’re bound to hear about it from more people than just me.

Some say its a dead horse.

No. It’s a dead Racer. And a dead Colonel. And a pretty dead opening weekend for college football around here.


8 thoughts on “Cost of OSU matchup — $5 million

  1. Your excuses for your sad column do not add up Eric when examined factually. Did UL have to schedule 12 games this season, or not? What does UK electing to move a game hosted in its stadium have to do with the makeup of UL’s schedule? Tom Jurich chose to play Murray State, not Mitch Barnhart pulling the strings behind the scenes like a puppet master. UL chose for their own reasons to schedule one of the worst programs in D-1AA, not UK not the SEC. As I heard a national college football analyst say, UL accomplished the impossible – dropped Temple from their schedule and made it EASIER! So Eric, who was UL going to be playing this year instead of Murray State if UK chose to not move the UL game? I will be very interested in your response.

  2. Eric writes a great article. I wouldn’t expect you to understand that though, as you obviously don’t like anything that promotes UofL over UK.Think of it this way, n00b, the same reason that UK didn’t want to play UofL on opening weekend is the same reason that other mid-major schools (like UK) or high-major schools (like OSU and UofL) would not want to play at Papa John’s Cardinal stadium on opening weekend. It’s a tough venue. Perhaps if the 3rd game of the season was when our schedule became open after Vandy PAID us to back out of a game, it would have been easier to replace Vanderbilt with a higher caliber opponent.We never were scheduled to play Temple this year so we didn’t “drop” them. We were scheduled to play Vanderbilt, but they were too scared. Most SEC teams refuse to play us, and I don’t blame them b/c we’d beat them just like we beat UK.

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