Louisville's Hill Shot Golf gets its big chance

At 10 p.m. tonight, Louisville-based Hill Shot Golf will be among five finalists in tonight’s Golf Channel “Fore Inventors Only” grand finale, in which viewer votes will determine which new golf invention wins the grand prize.

Louisville native Larry Koch is one of the inventors of the slanted, circular platform that has won best new product at three different PGA Golf shows.

It’s one of the best local business stories of the year. Koch, a former professional cliff diver, spent a dozen years trying to get the invention off the ground. He decided to make one, last go of it, when the thing was sitting in his back yard with weeds growing around it. And here he is.

You have to like a guy who would just pull up to the Golf Channel offices and start hitting balls off his invention, just to get people to notice it.

Lots of people are noticing now. You can view a video for the product here:


The spokeswoman in the video is Larry’s daughter, Brandi Koch, who gave up her job on a South Pacific-based yacht to try to help her father realize his dream.

If you’re interested in the show, you can find more information here, including instructions on how to vote: Fore Inventors Only site.

If they win, the Koch’s will get a fully produced infomercial on The Golf Channel, plus $50,000 in promotional airtime and guaranteed shelf space at the golf retailer Golfsmith.

You can read more about the Kochs and their invention here. You can also read about the product at www.hillshotgolf.com.


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