Live from Commonwealth

It’s good to be back on the University of Kentucky campus for football — having missed the opener against Eastern Kentucky.

Didn’t use my media pass to park. Instead I parked down on Waller, then walked the way in. It’s much preferable.

The highlight of the walk — a couple of female students walking away from a souvenir booth, with one of them saying, “Just so you know, we spent our taxi money on these T-shirts.”

The familiar “You honk, we drink,” students lined the route.

Inside the stadium, it’s Military Day, with military members having been admitted free. I remember well last year’s military day against Central Michigan, when a fierce thunderstorm rolled in and cleared out the stands — except for the uniformed military contingent, which stayed out in the storm and cheered the lightning strikes. Not the most comforting sight, when they were on metal bleachers, but still memorable.

Inside the press box, the menu: Penne pasta with meatballs, salad, breadsticks and cookies. Major props for the addition of Coke Zero to the press box fountain.

I know. Who cares?

I’ll be posting frequent updates often, so keep checking back. If you have questions, feel free to email them to .


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