Sacks, then attack

Andre’ Woodson was sacked three times in five plays (over two drives), but a heady change at the line of scrimmage by Woodson set up the Wildcats’ second score.

After recovering a Kent State fumble near midfield, Woodson checked into an opition pitch for Rafael Little on 2nd and 10. The play went for 20 yards, to the Kent State 37, and after a sack, Woodson hit on back-to-back passes.

The biggest was a 33 yarder to Steve Johnson, who caught the ball in a seam of defenders, then broke through their tackles and ran 12 yards into the end zone.

UK up 14-7 at the end of the first quarter.

Thoughts: The defense is struggling with a mobile quarterback, no question. I don’t think Kent State has enough of a passing game to threaten the Wildcats, who did a better job of stuffing the run as the first quarter progressed.

Offensively, Woodson was sacked three times in the first quarter, but a couple of those were on him. He’s not known as a mobile quarterback, but when he decides to pull it down and go, he does a good job. On a couple of his sacks, he needed to commit to making something out of the play with his feet sooner, or at least throwing the ball away, because he’d had the ball long enough.


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