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Greetings from Commonwealth Stadium, where UK players are on the field for initial warm-ups. It’s a crisp 70 degrees, though in the shaded areas of the field it already feels much cooler with the breeze.

In short — football weather. Perfect for football season to actually begin for these teams.

Not much pregame news to report at this point, except for a couple of changes to the U of L defensive starting lineup.

According to a depth chart distributed in the press box, junior college transfer Woodny Turenne has moved into the starting spot at right corner, while Richard Raglin gets the start at strong safety. This answers one question over whether U of L coach Steve Kragthorpe would make personnel changes after last week’s defensive struggles over Middle Tennessee.

Still, Peanut Whitehead has not cracked the starting lineup at defensive end.

These depth charts are subject to change. Brock Bolen, for instance, is still listed as the starter at fullback, though his injury status is in question.

That’s it for now. Check back for frequent updates, both now and once the game starts. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to send them to


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