Cards driving

U of L has 3rd and goal at the UK 3 yard line, 7:23 left in the first half. And there’s major confusion for the U of L offense.

The Cards couldn’t decide which personnel package was supposed to be on the field.

A 42-yard pass from Brian Brohm to Harry Douglas put the Cards in scoring position. But a 15-yard personal foul penalty for illegal hands to the face — after Brohm had been sacked at the UK 41, kept a struggling U of L drive alive.

On the sack, UK stunted and U of L center Eric Wood let his man through thinking right guard Mike Donoghue would pick him up. Donoghue didn’t. Wood was screaming at him after the play.

Wesley Woodyard saved a touchdown when he broke up a Brohm pass on a naked bootleg on first and goal. The Cats’ Micah Johnson stuffed Anthony Allen on second and goal.

The Cards would probably be well-served by running the ball again here, but we’ll see.


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