Gameday: U of L-Syracuse

A pretty subdued pregame atmosphere in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

The tailgating crowd in the larger lots appears to be at full strength, but some of the booster lots are more empty than usual.

Both Richard Raglin and Trent Guy have been fumbling punts — maybe not used to seeing them in the noon sun.

This game is being projected as a U of L blowout, and it may well wind up that way. (It should, at any rate).

But Syracuse seems to do a good job against U of L defensively. And with the hangover after the
loss to UK, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a closer game than people expect.

My pregame stat to consider:

While there is more youth and less talent on the U of L defense than a year ago, one interesting stat is to look at how returning players are faring.

Jonathan Russell has two tackles so far this season. And a pass break-up.

Through the first game last season — Russell had eight tackles, one for loss, an interception and a forced fumble.

So not only is inexperience a concern — but so is regression among returning players.

We’ll see if they get it together today.


13 thoughts on “Gameday: U of L-Syracuse

  1. I demand the coach Kragthorpe be fired immediately. If Jurich will not pull him off the field NOW and replace him, then Jurich needs to be fired also. This is EMBARASSING. Coach has cost Brian Brohm millions and millions of dollars. Papa John, deny all funding until Kragthorpe is replaced.

  2. That was horrible coverage. We could have defended that TD pass better. Coach K needs to start yelling and screaming at these guys!

  3. How can our defense be so rotten. Coach K what a joke. I think Jurich Hickuped on this one. There was so many things wrong with this game today Blown Coverage, Missed tackles not staying in your lanes, special teams failures, missing blocks, total line breakdown. What a horible game. I think my favorite play is your down by 3 scores it is 3rd and 10 and you try a delay handoff. What a joke!!! Cassidy has got to go not at the end of the season right now.

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