Rod Council

Maybe the most passion I've seen from the U of L defense this season.

On a third down play, Rod Council was screaming in the face of every teammate. Adrian Grady responded with a big play, batting down the ensuing pass.


12 thoughts on “Rod Council

  1. Wost pass coverage of the year for the Cards, Eric. Cards down 14-7 in front of booing fans?I really do hate to be negative, but our best days seem to be behind us.Hope not.Jim, Coach K needs to get REAL MEAN, real fast with these guys.

  2. I’m looking forward to reading the positives you take from this game, Eric. It’s almost as if you are still the beat writer. Brian Bennett is far more worthy to do your job, I look forward to his columns in the future.

  3. ESPN announcers are all over our team:”What is wrong with Louisville?””Just waked past the ball as it was moving forward?”This is humiliating, Eric. Fans are booing…the nation is laughing…and Coach K just stands there with tight lips?Coach K, yell at these guys! Punch them in the face if that’s what it takes! Our program is at stake!

  4. i have never posted a comment on any message board ever, but i can’t contain myself any more: you don’t boo your own team. booing is not constructive. can anyone name another facet of life where it is acceptable to boo someone when they don’t perform as well as you would like? you would not do it to someone you you do not care for–let alone something ou care a great deal about. offering constructive criticism is one thing, but just booing is as asinine as it gets.

  5. The boos are so loud I can’t hear the blog. UL sucks. Wonder what Jurich is doing is his box right now? Refunding the Pizza magnates money? Redrawing plans to downsize the Pizza Palace?

  6. At halftime I think I saw Giacomi give the finger to his crowd. I guess that would be the most consistent offensive move on the entire Louisville team.

  7. I agree that boos are not constructive. I feel embarrassed that the players have to hear it. I honestly don’t think it’s their fault.That being said…when is it an acceptable time to question the coaching. Everyone seems to think that we’re acting like UK fans when questioning the coaches, but we’re not losing to high-caliber SEC teams. This is one of the worst teams in the country that is about to end our home winning streak if this keeps up. When is enough ENOUGH?

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