Kentucky's win

The status of UK’s win over U of L as the program’s biggest win in 30 years had a short run.

It is over.

Tonight’s win over Arkansas was much bigger. And not just because Arkansas is a better team.

I’ve just watched the game lead ESPN’s College GameNight show.

I’ve just watched ESPN’s Desmond Howard list Andre Woodson at No. 2 on his Heisman list. (Lee Corso had Woodson at No. 5).

I’ve just watched Corso name UK his surprise team of the week. (U of L was his biggest disappointment of the week).

But none of that is why this week’s game is bigger.

The game tonight was an SEC road win over a team that was ranked just a week ago, over a team with a Heisman trophy frontrunner at running back.

Here’s what this win does for UK:

It takes some pressure off. UK doesn’t have to listen to doubters about winning conference games on the road. It can go to South Carolina just wanting to win, and not worried about having to win for a bowl berth.

For a second straight game, UK beat a quality opponent — and could’ve beaten them much worse. This was a freakshow of a game until the strange things stopped happening, and then UK exerted itself. This was a 13-point win on the road against a team Alabama had to take to the wire to beat at home.

At this point, every win for UK opens another door. The atmosphere at Commonwealth Stadium this coming Saturday figures to be electric.

“Kentucky is for real,” Corso said. “How are they doing it? They’re beating good teams, and beating them in the clutch, by winning games late. They might be this year’s Cinderella.”

You have to admit, it’s a little strange to see Kentucky popping up before even the show intro on GameNight. Not since the “Worldwide Leader” has emerged as a media powerhouse has UK put together this kind of run.

But for guys like Woodson, Keenan Burton, Jacob Tamme, Wesley Woodyard and others who went through the lean times, it’s fun to see.


5 thoughts on “Kentucky's win

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