Game Day Blog from N.C. State

Greetings from Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, N.C., home of the North Carolina State Wolfpack. It’s a great facility. Above is a picture of the Wolfpack sculpture outside the new Wendell H. Murphy Football Center.

There’s not a lot of football information forthcoming at this point, so I’ll throw out a few pictures and comments about the scene here.

U of L sports information director Kenny Klein is regaling us with tales of past basketball games here at N.C. State. The last loss U of L had in 1980 before winning the title came to N.C. State. He’s remembering a game in which N.C. State kept fouling Charles Jones at the end but he wouldn’t miss from the line.

Press box menu: Carolina-style (what else?) barbeque, baked beans, steamed vegetables, cole slaw, potato salad, chili dogs, cookies.

One of the N.C. State radio guys said he watched Doug Flutie throw six TD passes in a game. He wondered if he might see Brian Brohm do it today.

No word yet on any lineup changes for the Cardinals. Sources close to the program said there were widespread drug tests in the wake of Willie Williams arrest and dismissal from the team on marijuana possession (and other) charges.

Many of the N.C. State co-eds are wearing cowboy boots with their short skirts. C-J beat writer Brian Bennett may be investigating that further. They’ve got a great setup for tailgating here, with lots of green space close to the stadium, which is just a couple of miles from campus.

That’s about it an hour before kickoff. Stay tuned for more, and as always, you may email in-game questions to or by posting responses to these blog items.


23 thoughts on “Game Day Blog from N.C. State

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