SC grabs lead, 17-10

South Carolina mounted its most impressive offensive drive of the game — 89 yards in 10 plays — to jump back on top of UK 1-10 with 51 seconds left in the first half.

UK’s best chance for a stop came on 3rd and 7, but quarterback Chris Smelley found Freddie Brown for an 11-yard completion, and the drive rolled on.

The Gamecocks ran the ball better on that drive than they have so far in the game — 5 times for 43 yards.

Now UK gets it back, and we’ll get to see if Woodson has shaken up the cobwebs.

UK coach Rich Brooks looks like he’ll be content to get to the locker room, and try to avoid any more hits to Woodson. Don’t know if I’d show my concern at this point. Might prompt SC to come harder with the rush in the second half.

And halftime is here — South Carolina 17, UK 10.

More soon …


4 thoughts on “SC grabs lead, 17-10

  1. Especially nice play by UK’s defensive backs tonight, Eric. They’ve played like pros.Getting sleepy. Have to have my kitten spayed tomorrow (Tonkinese). I’ll watch the rest from upstairs.Best of luck to the Cats, and have a safe trip home, Eric. We’ll need you back here for the BIG event tomorrow night vs. Utah!

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