UK defense wipes out rare Woodson miscue

Andre’ Woodson flung a ball up for grabs under pressure and it was intercepted in the end zone, but UK’s defense held South Carolina to 3-and-out to get the ball back.

Woodson, again, has been good, but not his best. He’s now missed Burton three times for possible touchdowns (an incompletion to Tamme under triple-coverage last drive before the interception came when Burton was open on the right sideline).

Woodson took a knee to the helmet on the interception runback and was woozy on the sideline. ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews reports that coaches were making him repeat some numbers and say a few sentences on the sideline.

We’ll see how he looks now.


4 thoughts on “UK defense wipes out rare Woodson miscue

  1. I’ve been wondering for the last 10 minutes WHY UK didnt challenge the Lindley interception. Spurrier knew it was an INT, he kwpt telling his offense, “hury up, hurry up. run a play” . The call on the field was he juggled the ball. Wrong. He never juggled it, he took it away from McKinley and landed inbounds. We gave away 7 points.One more thing…what’s up with Woodeson…he’s been off all year, but this, so far is his worst game…every pass is overthrown, he missed Burton on a sure touchdown pass, Lyons caught one that was 4 feet over his head..a fumble, an int….get it together, Andre!!!

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