Congrats to Okoye

Belated congratualtions to former University of Louisville Cardinal Amobi Okoye for being named the NFL’s defensive rookie of the month last week.

Here’s a nice feature on Okoye from The Houston Chronicle.


5 thoughts on “Congrats to Okoye

  1. have recently heard some very disturbing information about the team from players that I am friends with. I was told that Mario and Stripling were possibly in the car with Willie Williams when he was pulled over and arrested. Stripling was already on thin ice and received the suspension soon after. According to this reliable source, Mario was told on game day that he would also not play because of his participation in the incident and other infractions(NOT DUE TO INJURY AS COACH K said). Upon finding out that Mario would be benched, Harry Douglas got into a verbal altercation with Coach K in front of players and coaches and subsequently was benched as well. This news was absolutely shocking to me and I am hoping to take whatever avenues possible to get the matter addressed by the press to Coach K. I am sick of these secrets and now apparent outright lies and withholding of information by our Coach. I think we as fans have the right to know the true state of our football program and hope you all feel the same way.

  2. If all these incidents & rumors are true; this is a great embarrassment to Louisville football and this should not be happening. Fans, keep hope alive; looks ugly, but keep hope alive, things has got to get better, keep hope alive. P.S., I wish I was a fly on the wall in the locker room.

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