Holloway: Response from a UK fan

Wanted to share this moving letter I received this morning, and to underscore something that Holloway and others emphasized — the importance of receiving echocardiograms for those who have heart concerns. More information is available on his condition at www.aorticdissection.com

Now, the note, from Keith Webb of Danville, Ky.


Mr. Crawford,

I’m a DIE HARD Kentucky fan I wanted to thank you personally for the beautiful article about the Louisville basketball player who caught his aortic valve leak in time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky and at age 41 fell into a deep coma for two months for exactly the same condition.
To make a long story short, it’s four years, seven surgeries and tons of therapy later. I still have alot of paralysis on my left side but don’t pity me as I still have a decent quality of life and am a handicapped UK season ticket holder (was there vs. LSU). Life is good as I value every game, sunrise and sunset I am blessed to view. I guess I’m trying to say this goes beyond the lines of color (blue/red) and is a matter of life and death.

I fell right after the Louiville victory and was severely bleeding (blood thinners, twelve stitches) The lady that helped the most was a Lousiville fan who was a complete stranger. The UK fans were too busy celebrating and her team lost, yet she stopped to help. I’ve looked at things differently since then and have actually pulled for them. I will probably be able to cheer for them in hoops also one day (once Pitino’s gone LOL)
Jesus commanded us to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” in Matt. 22:39 and think this applies to the sports world as well.
Keith Webb
Danville, Ky

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