Florida pregame

There are two keys today for Kentucky:

1). Attacking on offense. This is a UK offense that should have moved the ball better against Florida last season, and should be able to move it even better this year against a young unit that has looked vulnerable at times.

UK needs to send an early offensive statement, not only for psychological value, but to try to force Florida into more throwing situations.

This is no time to be conservative. While the short passing game could be effective, UK needs to use some early play-action to loosen up the Gator secondary. UK offensive coordinator Joker Phillips called a great game against LSU last week. Against a less accomplished defense today, the UK offense needs to be significantly better.

2). Contain Tebow. Particularly in the red zone. And particularly on third down. Tebow has nearly one-third of his season rushing total inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. And better than 80 percent when he runs the ball on third down and less than 6 yards to go.

A third key has already been established. UK is 9-0 when C-J staffer Jody Demling covers them from the press box. They’ve lost twice when he has covered them on the field. Today, Demling is in the press box.

More to come . . .


8 thoughts on “Florida pregame

  1. Let’s try to keep the football season alive…Kentucky is the only team in town at this point.Huge opportunity, coast-to-coast, on the CBS Television Network.Enjoy!

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