Big East acknowledges error

Big East associate commissioner John Paquette confirmed today that the conference has acknowledged an officiating error was made on the phantom fair catch by UConn punt returner Larry Taylor in Friday’s win over the University of Louisville.

“We are acknowledging that an error was made and (Big East commissioner) Mike Tranghese deemed it serious enough to warrant action,” Paquette said. “We do not make it public. Tom Jurich has been contacted and supports the action.”

Taylor waved his right hand above his head before fielding a punt in Friday’s UConn victory over Louisville, then as U of L’s cover team and several Connecticut players slowed down in anticipation of the fair catch, Taylor ran with the ball and scampered 74 yards for the touchdown.

Officials said the play was not reviewable, though NCAA rules don’t seem to prohibit it. The rule book does say, however, that any fair catch signal — valid or invalid — prohibits the receiving team from advancing the ball after the catch.

For more on the story, keep checking and tomorrow’s paper.


4 thoughts on “Big East acknowledges error

  1. Your story on the Oops Comes Too Late for the Cards. My commet is Taylor planned to fool the Cards by using the rules to his advantage and with the help of a game official he succeeded. Will anything be done for this poor sportmanship?

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