Live Blog: U of L-Pitt

A slow start in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

Pitt went three and out on its first drive, and then something happened that I’ve never seen: A partially blocked punt covered 47 yards — after Trent Guy failed to field it.

U of L then went three-and-out in a drive notable for two reasons:

1). On third and three, the Cards incurred a delay of game penalty, bringing up third and long. I don’t think you can pin that on the coaches. The plays may not come in early, but they do come in with time to get the snap off. Brohm was trying to change the play and ran out of time. On the previous play, Brohm scrambled for a few yards, but missed a wide-open Harry Douglas on the other side of the field.

2). Mario Urrutia entered the game for the first time in three games. U of L proceeded to throw to him on a crossing route that came up short of the first down. This has been said many times before — that’s not Urrutia’s route. He’s a downfield threat, but he’s not going to burst free over the middle, even one-on-one. If you want the first down on that play, you drag Douglas across.

Pitt picked up one first down on its second drive. It has thrown three passes in the game. Two were screens.

More to come . . .


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