Chuck Hayes on Gardner-Webb

If you were watching the University of Kentucky lose to Gardner-Webb Wednesday night and thinking, “Boy, the Wildcats sure could use a guy like Chuck Hayes right about now,” you weren’t alone.

And today, Associated Press Houston bureau reporter Chris Duncan, a former AP staffer here in Louisville, happened to be at Rockets’ practice and got some of Chuck’s thoughts on last night’s Wildcat loss.

“Where is Gardner-Webb?” Hayes asked. “I didn’t know before last night, but now I know. It sounds like a children’s book.”

Chuck may be onto him.

See Webb. See Webb run. See Webb jump. See Webb go back door. Funny, funny Webb.

But Hayes wasn’t laughing about the loss. In fact, he told Duncan, “I’m going to make a phone call or two down to Lexington.”

Of new coach Billy Gillispie, Hayes said: “”I’m pretty sure his e-mail is pretty stacked up. I’m pretty sure the guys didn’t want to go to class today. When you lose in Lexington, it’s like the whole world is looking at you and pointing the finger at you like, ‘How could you? You don’t lose at Rupp.'”

Hayes said his worst home loss was losing to U of L during his junior year at Rupp.

“Me and a couple of guys went out to eat afterwards,” he said. “The service was terrible. It went like an hour and a half just for like my appetizer. You lose at Rupp and we lost to Louisville, that was bad. A couple of guys probably didn’t go to class today. They probably did not want to show their face in that psychology class, because people are going to ask ’em, ‘What happened? How could you?’

“It’s a long season,” Hayes continued. “But it just looks bad. Man. If it could’ve been anybody else, I would’ve been fine with it. It just looks bad.”

Thanks again to Chris Duncan for passing this along.


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