Pregame scene

You’ll remember that U of L refused to allow West Virginia’s band, “The Pride of West Virginia” to play during last year’s game in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

The band just finished its 10-minute pregame show here, and it’s one of the best in the country. (WVU even pipes the show into the press box.)

U of L should allow fans to see the band at next year’s home game.

A small U of L fan contingent is in the corner of the end zone. Much smaller than usual, in fact. You can usually count on U of L sending between 6,000 and 8,000 fans to a road game this close. This year’s group probably just approaches 1,000. Rough treatment before and after the last U of L game here is probably one contributor. The Cards’ 5-4 record and status as a 16-point underdog undoubtedly is.

Among the gold T-shirts in the stadium tonight is one that lifts a Vince Vaughn line from the movie “Wedding Crashers.” It reads — “I’m psyched. . . . Let’s go kill some birds!”


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