Screen! Screen!

Two outstanding plays have set U of L up at the WVU 1.

First, George Stripling went in motion to the wide side of the field, where Mario Urrutia was looking at man-to-man coverage. When Stripling got wide, the cornerback stayed with him instead of staying with Urrutia (smart, huh?)

Urrutia dragged over the middle for a 14-yard game.

On the next play, Brohm hit Stripling for a 44-yard gain on a screen pass.

Two Cardinal screens tonight have gone for 67 yards. Nothing wrong with that.


3 thoughts on “Screen! Screen!

  1. Great Play by the cards. HANGING TOUGH!!! Second BAD call by the Refs. Stripling had a TD all the way! My opinion – Another case for a formal apology!

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