Adventures in third down

Last Cardinal third down.

Bilal Powell runs for two yards. Stands on the sidelines with his hands up, wondering whether to go back onto the field. Finally gets the okay to go.

And the pass play (a screen, surprise!) winds up going to him. He drops it. Not surprising for a player who has had one catch all season, which makes him an interesting target for a big third down.

Nonetheless, it was good to see Powell on the field for consecutive plays.


5 thoughts on “Adventures in third down

  1. My biggest fear is that Krag will come back next year, half the freshmen we have now will transfer, recruits will de-commit, and Louisville will be back at square one, like the last 9 years never happened.My number two fear: Krag gets fired, only 1/4 of the freshmen transfer, and we start from square 2, i.e. the situation Petrino game in to.

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