Reader question

Name: Jason
Question: Can you ask Kragthorpe what led to the decision to signal the plays in after running them in the first 10 games?

Jason, we’ll try to get ‘er done — though I’d say there are about a dozen more pressing questions I have for this particular game.

Starting with this — why throw the slant to Urrutia in traffic? Has he made that catch all year? I’m one who thinks they should throw to Urrutia more, but they should be throwing to him downfield, not in traffic. It just isn’t his thing. Why not tailor the plays to him to his talents? It was tough to see that pick taken back on Brohm. It was a good throw.

Florida 41, Louisville 10, 2 minutes to half.


12 thoughts on “Reader question

  1. So…if we lose out does that mean Jurich will see the light and give Krapthorpe his walking papers? The drunken ESPNU commentator Mike Godfried said the coach is fine that the bad playing and loses are on the kids…what the HELL kind of moron puts this on 18,19,20 &22 year olds kids? Maybe a loser like the one we have !! 1st time in 9 years we will not play a post season game.. Thanks Coach “Kan’t get it done” you just ruined our family’s Christmas Holiday travel plans.

  2. I think I remember reading a CJ story yesterday about how great Mike Cassity is as a DC. Why don’t you guys re-run that interview. Better yet, re-interview him and ask him why senior defensive backs won’t hit anybody. Ask him why senior linebackers slap runners on the leg while they run past them. Why safeties play five yards off of average receivers. Find out if Charlie Stubbs has Alzheimer’s Disease. Ask the players why they keep dropping passes that hit them right in the hands. You reporters are supposed to be reporting what is going on. H*ll we can watch the game on TV. We don’t need you to just re-cap the game and parrot back the company line of BS. Jurich ought to go down to the dressing room and fire Kragthorpe in front of the team. Has Jurich signed his new contract yet? Who’se side is he on?

  3. Hold on the expansion of Papa John Cardinal Stadium, it may not even be able to fill the half of stadium the next season if Coach K stays.

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