The mailbag

Lots of email after this morning’s column. A sample (names redacted, often at the writers’ request) . . .

– As the CJ sportswriters, I am writing to thank you and implore you to keep the heat up on this UL football coaching staff. I really hope at end of season we can see some editorials demanding change in the coaching staff and at what level, for example Stubbs should be fired, and Cassity at least demoted, and new people with better track records brought in. You guys know sports much better than most fans, so I’m sure you will analyze it appropriately at end of season. Eric, you had a great article today! Thanks for allowing me to voice my opinion. I would prefer this letter NOT be printed.

I hope that someone with the power and influence will have a nice chat with Jurich to explain the trials and “life” of an athletic director. As I said before, “no search”, “I have the man for the job”, “won’t miss a beat” Jurich gets all of the credit for this one. He needs to understand that sometimes one “oh sh..!” can wipe out all the “atta boys” .


You were being very kind in your column today, everyone can make all the excuses they like, but the bottom line is this. Steve Kragthorpe, Charlie Stubbs and the Kragthorpe clan have made Louisville football INSIGNIFICANT!

They are an afterthought on the national scene, they are an afterthought on the local scene, we used to talk Louisville football at work last year almost everyday. This year we hardly discuss them. I am almost convinced that I could have done a better job coaching this team than Kragthorpe. What exactly did he bring to this team? He is not an inspirational leader. He is not a “tough minded” football coach, he might be an adequate x’s and o’s guy, but really, how much coaching did Brian Brohm and this offense need?

This guy is not a communicator with the media and his fan base, he talks in circles using cliches and other peoples words. Then we have Jurich with the most ridiculous spin about how Kragthorpe “has a good pedigree, he wants to be here, this was going to be a rebuilding year, no talent, no experience”, etc, etc. I am sure that is not the conversation these two had when they were trying to convince Brian Brohm to return for his senior year. I am sure the conversation did not include the words rebuilding, lack of talent or this question. “Brian please return this year, we need you to lead us to a 5-7 record.” Jurich has insulted the very people who have supported him and the University for many years.

Steve Kragthrope is at best, an average coach, he is at best, a below average leader and communicator. He is not a TRUE football coach. Bobby Petrino was a football coach, he had his faults, but he loved football, he could inspire,he was a leader and most importantly, he was a winner. His one fault was he wanted to move on to greater challenges, I don’t think that is such a bad fault.

If we are stuck with Kragthorpe for years to come, my love for football will not be diminished, but my support for Louisville football will be …………well….INSIGNIFICANT!

Darn accurate article. I feel that all the old fans that have been going to games since U of L football was nothing agree with you. It seems that the majority of the old fans have made the shift to the thoughts and attitude that you stated in your article — most in the last couple weeks. Unfortunately, it’s time for you guys to start more emphatically raising the question of the timing for a change. Unfortunately. There have been too many opportunities to do better than what we have seen this year.

I am a big Waffle House fan, and, a few times a week, I go to a Waffle House and order four helpings of my favorite: SCATTERED, SMOTHERED, AND COVERED potatoes. I resent you degrading this great meal, by comparing it to UofLs pathetic football(?) team. *smile* Seriously, what a great analogy! Sadly, maybe that really is a Waffle House menu that Kragthorpe is carrying around. I’ve heard that he seldom practices his team hard, so I guess his players have developed into “couch potatoes”. For sure they are “cheesy”, and reek like onions.

As a long, long time Cardinal sports fan (going back to the early 70’s) I now live in Florida. Last nite was the worst exhibition I’ve ever seen a Cardinal football team display. I left at halftime thinking I should have gone up the road (Orlando) to see the FAMU and Bethune-Cookman game. At least I would have seen a great half-time show given their respective world class marching bands. Not to mention the street party afterwards. What happened to this team??? I realize injuries are part of the game. There was no offense! Syracuse has won only one football game this year. (You know who they beat). Conversely, I was extremely proud of my team this past January after leaving the Orange Bowl having seen the Cards finish a spectacular season. What a difference a year and new coach makes.Waiting on Basketball!

As a L’ville fan, I can’t say I enjoyed your “post-mortem” piece, but I definitely agree with it. I’d like for you to have been a little more direct and call for a clearing house of coaches after this season. But based on some of the responses I read to your article, it looks like others are willing to step up for the cause.

It’s been obvious for weeks that the players are laying down and not playing for coach Kragthorpe. I’d like to know why someone can’t do an investigative piece about the chemistry, or lack there of, of this team? Someone at The C-J should interview some players, coaches, parents, Tulsa players, or even coach Petrino, who probably still talks to Brohm, and others, about what’s wrong. The only thing worse than watching an uninspiring, lackadaisical performance, such as the one last night, is not understanding what’s motivating, or in UL’s case, not motivating them.

I’d like to see someone from The C-J do a complete autopsy of this season. We know about the injuries, bad calls and the like, because we can see them. Like an autopsy, fans need to understand what’s underneath – what we can’t see. What really killed this team and the season?


6 thoughts on “The mailbag

  1. Which one of you reporters will make the 1st call to louisville players/staff coaches & do a behind the scene interview & find out the real deal. Most of us know Louisville was not a nat’l champ contender, but @ least won 9games. Somebody please get the scope!

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