U of L-USF final analysis

Well, with the late game and deadline being what it was, I had to stay in the press box to write rather than go down to the postgame interviews.

Two interesting quotes from Brian Brohm, though. The first was that he said it was probably the worst loss he’d ever been a part of. The second was that they were going to come out and play this next game and “just win it for ourselves.”

In a way, that’s the right thing. This game should certainly be about Brohm and Harry Douglas and guys like that.

Kragthorpe, according to our people who got down to the interview room, didn’t offer much insight. Got off to a bad start. Couldn’t recover. Went into a tailspin.

The last time U of L lost a game by this much was in 1987 to Southern Miss. I saw Craig Swabek in the press box a minute ago. He said, “I was on that team. I remember, Coach Schnellenberger had us on the practice field at 6 the next morning. That was the game where he made his famous quote — ‘They played like dogs . . . but they’re my dogs.'”

This column was a tough one to write. I simply went through many of the explanations being offered for why the season has turned out the way it has, then say that despite all of those — even if you concede all those points — the team still shouldn’t look as bad as it did last night. And that falls on the coaching.

My final paragraph: “The last time U of L’s football team was in this state, it left with a trophy full of oranges. I can’t blame a lot of fans now who feel as if they’ve been handed a lemon.”


8 thoughts on “U of L-USF final analysis

  1. Did Ron Cooper come back to coach the Cards this year? The USF game was an embarrassment, and it has to fall squarely on the shoulders of the coaches. Note that I used the plural. Of course, Kragthorpe has the ultimate responsibility, but his whole staff should go. If Jurich is determined to keep his head coach, he should at least clean house with the assistant coaches except for Nord. Sickening. Shameful. Disgusting. I think we’re back to where we were before John L came in.

  2. Sounds right on, Eric, I couldn’t agree more. The expectations, the injuries, the inexperience, the new scheme, the not having the right players for the new scheme, the schedule(maybe), can all be pointed out as possible flaws holding back U of L this season. Even with all of that though, losing 55-17 vs. South Florida, a team who is good, but certainly not better than us, is unacceptable. I think it says a LOT about the fanbase’s trust for Tom Jurich that even after the Syracuse loss, we didn’t judge Steve. But this is really too much. I don’t care if we win against Rutgers anymore, in fact, I hope we get crushed by them, because then there will be no way for K to wiggle out with the ‘we went out with a win for our seniors’ excuse.

  3. “Good but not better than us”??? Excuse me, but 55-17 speaks volumes. You all met an extremely tough defense and an opportunistic offense. And the last I checked, 8-3 trumps 5-6. Go Bulls!

  4. You guys are good. Your record is better than ours, trust me, that hasn’t escaped me. HOWEVER, if we were playing to, or even near, our potential on both sides of the ball, U of L would have won this game.I’ll give you props. You came in, played your game, and ran us off the field. Did playing a makeshift UL defense help you all? Yes. Did UL’s 7 turnovers help you all? Yes. Did the stupid penalties help you all? Yes. Did the uncreative play calling and poor defensive scheme help you all? Certainly yes. Forgive me for judging our ability this year on last season, but personell-wise, we’re roughly the same team that went to the Orange Bowl last year and handled you guys in the regular season. I’m not saying we’re better than you, but our talent level is definitely even with USF’s.

  5. You’ve been more than generous with this team this season, Eric.I worry that ESPN will drop us next season, which would kill recruiting.Jody said on his radio show that players might jump ship. What a mess.

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