The Wrong Brohm

Brian, man, I’m sorry.

For the second time in my C-J career, I referred to Brian by the name of his older brother, Jeff, in print on Monday.

The first time was in my first story on Brohm after he had been “handed off” from the high school staff to me as the U of L beat writer.

So my first pre-U of L mention of Brohm, and first post-U of L mention of him, were by the wrong first name, and there’s no excuse for that.

Rosie Gillespie of Louisville said it best in an email to me: “Only Oscar and Donna should get their boys mixed up.”

And I get my own two boys mixed up all the time. But it shouldn’t have happened in this event. Thanks to the three people today who noticed and brought it to my attention. I’m sure many others noticed but didn’t.

And to Brian, my apologies. People have been calling me “Byron” for years. And while you’d like them to get your name right, I usually content myself that I’ve been called far, far worse.

Still, when we make errors at the paper, there’s an official process we go through. Not only is a correction required in the paper, but we’ve got to make a formal explanation to editors as to how this happened. I have pleaded guilty to carelessness, which is no light thing in this business.

Now I’ll do what the ballplayers do, and play the next play.


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