U of L and negativity

I don’t get it sometimes.

Lots of folks thought I was too negative about the Cardinals in this morning’s column. I’ll agree, the headline (which I didn’t write) cast a negative angle on what was to come.

But let me pose this question:

Who else in the nation right now is acknowledging that U of L is good enough to win a national championship. Seen anyone go out on that limb?

That’s the limb I climbed out on with my very first sentence this morning.

The message of this column was how close U of L is to being very special. Some fans are so motivated by anything that isn’t cheerleading that they sometimes miss the point.

The fact of the matter is, after last night’s game, Pitino held an extended postgame discussion with his team to talk about finishing games well. He obviously thought that a free throws and a few bad possessions were worthy of discussion with his team, so why were they not worthy of discussion in the paper.

As for giving credit where credit is due, in this morning’s column, I called U of L’s offense a thing of beauty, I praised its ball movement, and even acknowledged that its first 10 minutes were as good a stretch of basketball as I’ve seen all season — from anyone. I even posed the question — who in the nation is playing better than that?

I’m surprised that for some, that just wasn’t enough praise. It’s just interesting to me that a column that pointed out so many good things — then couched the shortcomings against the backdrop of a team that can legitimately set its sights on the national championship — would be construed as negative.


6 thoughts on “U of L and negativity

  1. I agreed with your column. They played great, but they can’t miss 12 free throws. Some of the so-called experts on ESPN have mentioned Louisville, but they’re still high on the ACC (typical) and Kansas. Like you, I think UofL can do something special this month.

  2. Eric – nice job as always. You could write 19 positive things and mention one negative, and “some” people would just focus on the negative.UofL has looked like world beaters at times, and extremely average at others. In addition to their mental lapses, I think in the NCAA tourney they will be hurt by the whistles on all the grabbing, smacking, holding they get away with at home. If you watch a game, it is funny to see how often UofL players grab jerseys when players go by.

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