Packer says Cards could get No. 1 seed

CBS Sports analyst Billy Packer was asked who he thinks is in the running for the four NCAA Tournament No. 1 seeds, and included a team that most people don’t include in that discussion:

“There are nine teams — Kansas, Texas, Stanford, UCLA, Louisville, Georgetown, Memphis, North Carolina and Duke — that over the course of the next week and in the post-season tournaments can work their way into or out of a number one seed. There has never been a situation like that before, which means one of them is going to be a number three seed. That really shows you the strength of the top of this year’s brackets.”

Other thoughts from Packer (who won’t work Saturday’s U of L-Georgetown Big East championship matchup, but Kansas’ game at Texas A&M instead) . . .

This is the neatest last weekend of a regular-season in my memory. At the highest level I’ve never seen college basketball end its regular-season with games of such importance, that are going to determine any number of combinations of teams that can be number one seeds, much less the teams that are on the bubble. . . . You have UCLA and Stanford, two teams that, depending on what happens in that game and obviously the Pac-10 Championship, could decide a number one seed in the West. . . . In the Big East you have Georgetown and Louisville. Both teams going into the last weekend have a chance at being a number one seed and a Final Four team. . . . And Louisville, now having everybody healthy, may be playing better than anybody in the country. . . . In the ACC with Duke and North Carolina going head-to-head, they find themselves back in an incredible situation where a number one seed is on the line. . . . Finally in the Big 12 there is the situation with Kansas and Texas, depending on what happens this weekend and their post-season tournament, one of those two teams could move to a number one seed.


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