Marquette surging

Marquette has taken its biggest lead of the game at 45-38. How?

Two baskets in their current 8-2 run have come on aggressive fast-break play, a slam off a turnover from Hawyard and a nice driving layup by McNeal — passing three UK players — off a blocked shot.

I liked what UK was doing to open the half on offense. It gave Derrick Jasper the ball up top and that left both Bradley and Crawford out on the wings. UK scored on both possessions — both scores by Crawford, to take a brief lead. But then the Wildcats went away from Jasper at point for a while.

On their last possession, with Jasper at point, Marquette had adjusted, not coming off Crawford or Bradley to help, and Jasper got his shot blocked inside.

Look for UK to get even more deliberate on offense to try to slow the Marquette momentum. And they’d better start getting back on defense, because it looks like Crean has been telling his guys to really push the break.


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