Tiger reaction

Let’s dispense with the obvious quickly. Tiger Woods’ season-ending knee surgery is bad.

Bad for Tiger’s chase of golf history.

Bad for the sport, given that his absence seems to keep viewers away in droves.

Bad for the U.S. Ryder Cup team, which loses the world’s best player in its quest to stop a European run.

Bad for Louisville, which plays host to said Ryder Cup.

We can all agree, Tiger’s injury is bad. Right?

Moving forward.

I’ll propose that the U.S. Ryder Cup team beating the Europeans without Woods would be a bigger story than beating the Europeans with him.

I’m not saying it would be played as a bigger story, but it would certainly be a more memorable accomplishment.

At this point, golf would do well to pull out all the stops in filling this Tiger-free void. Begin to aggressively market other players. Highlight emerging stars. And fans who tune in just to see Tiger ought to at least give some other guys a chance to grow on them.

There’s no question, we watch Tiger because he has become the best ever to play the game. And losing the world’s No. 1 player can’t be a net positive.

But at the same time, it won’t hurt the rest of us to forget that the game still is bigger than one player. Even if that player is the biggest name ever to play it.


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