Trent Guy shooting

The biggest sports story of the day had little to do with sports. U of L football player Trent Guy was shot outside a downtown bar early Saturday morning, and though he’s expected to make a complete recovery, it’s a troubling and tragic incident.

I’m going to write about this Sunday for Monday, but didn’t want to rush writing something, because often in these situations, you don’t have a clear picture in the first 24 hours afterward.

Here’s what I can tell you — Trent Guy is and has been one of the most well-liked and respected members of U of L’s football program. He’s one of the first to pitch in and help when teammates need anything off the field, and not only has spoken to freshmen during orientation programs, but has sought out that opportunity.

You can talk about him being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and certainly, anyone who is wounded by gunshot by definition was. But this shooting took place a block and a half from The Courier-Journal building itself.

I’m not defending anything. But when people ask me a question like, “Why in the hell would JuJuan Spillman (or any other football player) carry a gun?” I can’t really say that I know, but I have to ask people to consider that they are living in a different world from most of us. And while they’d do well to distance themselves from that world, we just can’t assume that we know what is going on with these guys, because we don’t.

None of that endorses anything. It’s just the beginning of an explanation.

Anyway, I’ll be working on a story Sunday to tell you a little more about Guy.

Sunday’s column — a piece on Churchill Downs riding champion Robby Albarado.


14 thoughts on “Trent Guy shooting

  1. I am curious where you are going with your column. Are you going to advocate that athletes need guns for protection? I don’t see anything wrong there. As long as all the laws are followed, I have no problem with people owning guns. But, if Guy had a gun, what do you think would have happened? Would he have returned fire? If so, how many other people would be in the hospital? Spillman owning a gun, as long as it is all completely legal, is not what was wrong with his situation. It is that he was driving around intoxicated, via either drinking or marijuana, and had the gun with him. I would think even hardcore gun advocates do not agree with operating a firearm while under the influence.Guy sounds like a good guy, no pun intended, but while I am not sure about the wrong time, a bar for someone under 21 is definitely the wrong place. And I know a lot of people in college drink/go to bars before they are 21, but athletes are a major D-1 school are not just “people in college”. They are not you or me. They are high profile.Perhaps Kragthorpe needs to follow the lead of Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon, who after a series of gun related incidents, ruled that no player could own a gun. And any player caught with a gun is not just off the team, but out of school. Off the top of my head, this is the third gun related incident (Council, Spillman, Guy) in the past few months.Kevin Faris

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