Mario Urrutia: Palmer > Brohm

We’ve had a Mario Urrutia sighting, and thanks to the Georgetown (Ky.) News-Graphic for catching up for the former University of Louisville receiver now working out with the Cincinnati Bengals in Georgetown. I’ll be heading that way soon to catch up with him myself, but first, a quick word from the wideout.

From the News-Graphic story by Chris Hughes:

Cincinnati Bengals rookie wide receiver Mario Urrutia thought he spent his collegiate career at Louisville catching passes from an elite quarterback in Brian Brohm. But it only took two days of training camp with Carson Palmer in Georgetown for Urrutia to see the upgrade in signal callers.

“Carson is used to playing on the next level so he throws a lot more accurate, a lot more powerful and he’s a lot smarter,” Urrutia said. “You can’t compare them right now really.”

No, you can’t compare them at this point. One is a veteran and one of the top QBs in the league when he’s healthy, the other has yet to take an NFL snap. So why is he comparing them? What’s the point? Somebody wanted to take a shot at Brohm, I guess.

Regardless, I wonder if you could translate the word “smarter” as “willing to throw to me.”

I’ll make this prediction now — if Urrutia keeps his nose clean, he’ll be an impact receiver from Cincinnati. Last season was part of a lost year for Urrutia, but don’t think he doesn’t have talent and, when motivated, don’t think it won’t show even at football’s highest level.

Of all the Cards from last year’s team, I’d pick Mario as having the best chance for immediate success, though I’d take Harry Douglas in the long run.


11 thoughts on “Mario Urrutia: Palmer > Brohm

  1. I see the talent, but just not sure if he’s tough enough to play at the NFL level. That’s a good situation in Cincy for him, though, because Holt may be a stretch at the No. 3 spot. But his window is small because unlike Holt and other receivers, I don’t see him playing any special teams.If he had Douglass’ heart, he’d be all-world.

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