Monday Musings

A few items aimed at increasing the number of hits on this blog providing quality information and reader-columnist interaction:

Q: Did dis the Big East by not including them in this preseason rundown of conferences?

A: Well, I guess you could say so, but there’s a reason for it. ESPN is rolling out a new college football “blogger network,” and has hired bloggers for all the major conferences. But it had yet to settle on a Big East blogger, I guess, until recently. Playing like an ESPN big-shot for a second: C-J columnist Eric Crawford has learned that ESPN’s Big East blogger will be the C-J’s U of L beat writer (until this week) Brian Bennett. I don’t know what’s been announced, not announced, whatever, but if you notice other names writing about U of L football for the C-J this week and moving forward, it’s because Brian is moving on and, at the very least, you have this by way of explanation. And, the explanation that, as far as I can tell, plans to give the Big East the same level of blogger-coverage that it gives everyone else. While I’m at it, big congrats to Brian, who should do a great job for ESPN.

EDSBS eyes the Bluegrass

No matter whom ESPN hires, the best college football blog in the nation will remain Every Day Should be Saturday, which is an equal-opportunity lampooner. [Note: Language on the site and its forums might be offensive to some and will require some parental screening.]

In last year’s Basketball Tipoff Luncheon speech — which famously morphed into a rally behind the football program pep rally — Rick Pitino derided the media — “professional journalists” — he called us, for quoting BLOGS, of all people. I like to think that I sparked that comment by quoting a blog that very day — none other than EDSBS, which had taken to describing a particularly putrid thing as “Louisville-secondary bad.”

Regardless, during the past week a couple of items from there showed that the effort to blame Bobby Petrino for some of the University of Louisville’s current problems has not gone unnoticed outside the state’s borders:

Tuesday’s edition of Big East Market Watch incorrectly attributed the plummet of the dollar’s purchasing value in Kentucky to a nationwide economic slump. Further analysis indicates the widespread and burgeoning poverty in the region is the work of former Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino. We regret the error.

And from a July 28 post about another Arkansas football arrest:

To show you that you have crossed the Harvey Dent rubicon into seeing the villain become a moderately tasteful semi-villain: do you hear Bobby Petrino complaining about the disciplinary problems he inherited from Houston Nutt?

News stand

Good reading today from the Orlando Sentinel’s David Whitley, who suggests a version of China’s The People’s Daily might be just the model for college football fans who wish to hear no evil about their programs. Actually, I’d suggest it’d be more welcomed by most college football programs, who try to manage information coming out o
f their football complexes as if they operated a state-run media outlet. Whitley’s opinion, no doubt, is colored by a pack of head-in-the-sand Central Florida fans who are criticizing the paper for doing its job in the reporting of a death of a UCF player during spring workouts.

Rick Reilly, video style, compares Brett Favre to … Cher? Yeah, it’s fun, but I don’t think Favre is doing this comeback stuff for attention. He might be indecisive and half-crazy, but I don’t think he’s a diva, nor as Reilly proposes, a “seventh grade girl.” (And, by the way, how dare run a front-page headline describing the Favre saga as “Yawn With the Show” when it has done nothing but hype that show for weeks). But now that Favre the player is back, one thing you can expect more of is scrutiny of his play, rather than debate about his legacy. Shall we look back to the INT he threw during the Packers’ overtime playoff loss to the Giants last year (photo above) in which he missed three open receivers? Best of luck, Brett.


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