U of L-Memphis clarification

In my live blog on the U of L-Memphis game, I had questioned why U of L coach Steve Kragthorpe had called time out to argue a third-down spot. Thanks to reader Greg Brockman, who points out that refs initially indicated first down, then realized that the Cards hadn’t gained enough for the first down — something I didn’t see on TV. Because of the signal, U of L was caught with a first-down package on the field, forcing a timeout. Turns out, Kragthorpe was just jawwing at the ref for getting it wrong and costing him a timeout in the first place.

“I only bring this to your attention,” Brockman writes, “because from your columns and blogs you appear to be in the anti-Kragthorpe camp. Not that you have anything against him personally, just that you have seemed to make up your mind that he is not the right person for the job.”

I can assure you my mind is far from made up. Generally, I’m getting emails accusing me of being an apologist for him! At the moment, my job is to comment on events as they happen, while continuing to consider my big-picture conclusion.


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