T-Will sidelined by knee injury

University of Louisville senior Terrence Williams suffered an injury to his right knee today and will be out for 4-6 weeks, according to U of L coach Rick Pitino.

He has a torn meniscus in the knee and will have surgery in the next few days, but a statement from U of L coach Rick Pitino sounds as if he feels Williams dodged a bullet.

“I’m ecstatic it was not an ACL tear as was first feared,” Pitino said. “He’ll be out only a short period of time and we know he’ll come back good as new. We’re totally relieved.”

Certainly, losing Williams would’ve been a huge blow for this team. But now, it allows a few players to step into some bigger roles, at least at the outset of practice. Guys like Reggie Delk will get more practice action, and if Williams comes back strong, they’ll be better for it.

The only thing you worry about is nagging knee problems. You never know when one of these things will linger, and Williams is such an explosive type of player, you hope he can be the kind of highlight reel he’s always been.


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