Farewell, Morning Briefing

Just a quick note to acknowledge the passing of a rather well-known feature in one of the nation’s top newspaper Sports sections.

The Los Angeles Times feature “Morning Briefing” included short, interesting nuggets from sports every morning in the Times, and went out via wire services to newspapers across the nation. It was ditched in a redesign of the paper announced today.

Sometimes, you wonder if papers aren’t designing themselves out of business.

Regardless, it’s something a lot of sports fans checked pretty often thanks to the web.

— Keeping tabs on World Series Game 1. My prediction: There’s no way I’m going to be able to stay awake until the end of this game. I didn’t even think I was going to be able to stay awake for the start. After sitting through the starting lineups being introduced on the PA, Fox still felt the need to do their own lineup intros. It also missed (from an announcing standpoint) a Carl Crawford home run while an interviewee was talking. Just show the game, fellas.

— Question from Emailer: “How come there seems to be so much more coverage of SEC media days than the Big East? The Big East is a much better league?”

Answer? The SEC holds its media event over several days. The Big East holds its media day over several hours. Print reporters probably get Big East coaches for an hour, all at once, while the Big East brings everyone to the podium and makes a production out of it. The Big East certainly could expand its exposure in this area, though you could make a good argument that the Big East has all the hoops exposure it needs.

— Speaking of media days, U of L’s men’s basketball media day is today. Look for plenty of coverage tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “Farewell, Morning Briefing

  1. When is the coverage coming? I see one whole article and a few paragraphs on Twill’s injury and other random junk.South Carolina coach Darrin Horn and the entire Big East have the same amount of coverage in the CJ today.

  2. Today is certainly not the day in question. Your blog post(on Wed.) said that there would be ample coverage on Thursay(which their wasn’t).No matter, plenty of coverage today(Fri.) and I’m pleased.Thanks for your hard work.

  3. The day that Darrin Horn was in, there were three stories from Big East Media Day. One that started on the front page, two that were inside. I don’t have the paper in front of me, though.There was a Horn story, and there was an SEC notebook.Again, however, what I was explaining was that this is partially the Big East’s fault. If the Big East would slow down, spread things out a little and give each team some spotlight time at the podium, you’d see more overall coverage, not just from us but from other papers.As it is, when they put 16 tables in a room and tell you that each school will be at a table for 30 minutes — eight at a time — it’s just not conducive. As the U of L beat guy, you have to get U of L first. You’re responsible for everything they say. I used to take eight tape recorders. But you’re not going to wade through eight hours of tape to get stories for the next day.The reason for my item here was to show that there’s a reason the SEC seems to get more — because the SEC does it more shrewdly.I agree, however, that one area we can always improve is college basketball preview stuff.

  4. Thanks for your responses Mr. Crawford.To be honest, I’m out of town and don’t read the wooden version, just online. So I know I miss a lot.I have a feeling that basketball news is going to be in high demand this season around Louisville. Hope you’re ready. Go Cards!And stay away from ESPN.

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