Live from The Swamp

A little less than two hours to kickoff in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on the University of Florida campus (press row view at right). The Gators arrived with what sounded like half the state police force, and are now finishing their “Gator Walk,” a procession through the empty stadium with highlights of Muhammad Ali fights interspersed with their own season highlights playing on the jumbotrons.

It’s been a couple of years since UK felt like this prohibitive an underdog, with injuries the primary reason.

Still, catching Florida off a bye week and a week before a big matchup with Georgia might give the Wildcats an opening. More pregame discussion in a bit.

For now, with The C-J’s Brett Dawson and Matt May of The Cats Pause, we’ve made drive over from Jacksonville, past the boiled peanut stands and through a chilly, overcast morning. Keep checking back here, and at Brett Dawson’s blog, as we let the day unfold. As always, questions are welcome at any time, just email at or reply to the blog posts by clicking below.


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