Athletes and the election

You’ll notice, this time of year, pieces from time to time asking athletes how they feel about the presidential election. I’m not big on those things. Unless a player takes it upon himself (or herself) to play an active role in politics, I don’t like the idea of thrusting them into that arena.

But I got a laugh out of it when the subject came up with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow after the Gators’ 63-5 blowout of Kentucky on Saturday.

Tebow got a general question about the election and said it was something guys talk about some, but not a whole lot.

Then the question got specific. Which candidate are you supporting?

That got my attention. Tebow is a folk hero in Florida. He’s also a well known evangelical Christian. I had no doubt that if Tebow answered with a testimonial for John McCain, it could be a big story in the nation’s biggest battleground state.

Tebow, however, wanted no part of that. The elusive junior is hard to sack, and he wasn’t going to be pinned down on this.

“No comment,” he said, smiling.


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