Kentucky beats Mississippi State

I was one of the first ones to give UK quarterback Mike Hartline a hard time when he shot off his mouth after being demoted to second-string QB earlier this week.

After he stood up and played a key role in the Wildcats’ 14-13 win over Mississippi State on the road today, let me be the first to say that he showed some real character.

He came in and played well in a tough situation. He apologized to his teammates and coaches. And Rich Brooks showed some impressive patience in dealing with the redshirt sophomore.

Now, let’s remember, it was Randall Cobb who ran for one of UK’s touchdowns and passed for another.

But Brooks kept Hartline’s head in the game by using him today, and the team and certainly Hartline will probably be better for it down the road.

More importantly, of course, UK won the game.

And let’s consider what UK won today. While Florida beat Georgia nearly as badly as it beat UK, the Wildcats lopsided loss last week takes a bit of a different perspective.

And the Cats are bowl eligible, heading to a third straight postseason game.

It hasn’t been a pretty UK season to watch. But in some ways, keeping the bowl string alive after losing the kind of talent the Wildcats lost last season is an accomplishment as great as anything the past two UK teams achieved.


4 thoughts on “Kentucky beats Mississippi State

  1. I just got back from the game and think it should definitely be noted that Hartline was the better of the two quarterbacks in the first half by far (his first drive even started deep in UK territory). MSU simply couldn’t defend the zone read / option play we kept running from the shotgun with two tailbacks. Not diminishing what Cobb was able to do at all but I think is mentioned because had we not discovered MSU’s inability to defend that play then Hartline would likely have played a key role in the second half.

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