My voting experience

You can read about people’s voting experiences in Louisville, and share your own, at the C-J’s Election Blog, available by clicking here. Nothing dramatic to report in my own experience, but I pass it along here, as I did at the election site.


After watching weeks of election day polling-place warnings, I went to vote this morning loaded for bear.

I had my CNN Voter hotline on speed dial. I had a lawyer on retainer. I brought a copy of War and Peace to read while waiting in line.

I walked into Zachary Taylor Elementary with my three kids — Katie, 10; Jack 7; and Henry (Clay) 4 1/2 — though, and not a single person tried to disenfranchise me. It was a little disappointing.

It took ten minutes to vote at a little after 10:30 a.m. My kids were a little disappointed there were no snacks.

Ah, the future of America.

I couldn’t resist a little history lesson, though. Since were were at a school named for Zachary Taylor, I decided they should know that he was the first president never to hold any elected office before being elected. Not only that, but he’d never even voted! And we’re haggling about experience today.

I like him, because he seemed to be totally disinterested in politics, and after being drafted by the Whig party, pretty much ignored everything they stood for and did whatever he wanted until he died 16 months into his presidency, suddenly and a bit mysteriously of what was diagnosed as gastroenteritis.

He was buried in a Washington, D.C., cemetery, but was moved several months later to his family’s burial ground, which is just up Brownsboro Road from where we were voting, Zachary Taylor National Cemetery. In 1991, he was exhumed to see if he was poisoned.

It was at about this point that the kids asked if we could go out for Chinese food.

“It’s America,” I told them. “We can go anywhere.”

The fortune in my cookie read: “You feel restless — change is just around the corner.”

No kidding. I’m hanging onto it.


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