Post game update

Thanks once again to the folks who kept me company on the live game chat. Sorry I had to bail out so quickly.

Not much of substance in the postgame.

Eric Wood was at a loss to explain what has happened over the past two games.

Hunter Cantwell acknowledged that the season is at a crossroads.

Adrian Grady said he’s spent too much time at U of L to see the season end without a bowl bid. But acknowledged that this is the kind of thing that can snowball in the wrong direction if guys let it.

And coach Steve Kragthorpe said “we fumbled the game away.”

Cantwell said the season is at a crossroads. I’m wondering if the program isn’t on an off-ramp. Formulating my thoughts for the column tomorrow, so that’s it here for a while.


3 thoughts on “Post game update

  1. Is there ever anything of substance in the post game interview? When fans would like to hear some explanation of why things are going the way they are going, softball questions are tossed to Kragthorpe. Even at that, he never says anything He is not worth listneing to, and I’m thinking the players feel the same way. KDolwick

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