Kragthorpe. Obviously.

U of L football coach Steve Kragthorpe on the Big East weekly coaches’ teleconference, answering (?) a couple of questions from the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Bill Koch.

Obviously, we have not played good football the last two games. And that’s what we talked about as a team yesterday. We have got to get back to playing good football. And when you play good football you give yourself an opportunity to win. And when you don’t play good football in all three phases — offense, defense and special teams — which I don’t feel like we’ve done the last three, two weeks, then you’re not going to win as many games, obviously, as you want to.


And another. Koch, trying to get a big-picture answer from the coach, noting that the first two years had probably not gone as he would have hoped, asked him how he sees things going.

We’re getting closer to where we want to be. Certainly we’ve got to win more football games. It’s my job as a head football coach to win football games. And that’s my goal. So we’re not looking behind us, we’re looking ahead of us and trying to improve everybody. There’s no doubt, we’ve got to win games and we want to win games.


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