College football playoff briefing

With the backing of President-elect Barack Obama, college football playoff talk has heated up again. It has been the topic of choice for pundits over the past two days, including the C-J’s Rick Bozich, who weighed in today.

Here’s a rundown of what some others are saying . . .

Mike Wilbon, Washington Post: Obama’s throwaway line from “60 Minutes” and subsequent discussion is now making some football big-shots squirm, and he’s enjoying it.

Jimmy Burch, Fort-Worth Star-Telegram
: Notes that Texas coach Mack Brown is behind Obama on this one.

John Walters,
: Writes an open letter to Obama, saying playoffs are not what we need. He also has a second piece imagining what a college football playoff would look like — and they don’t look pretty, in his opinion.

Adam Rose, Los Angeles Times: Takes an interesting look at the early betting numbers on whether the BCS will be overthrown, though his colleague . . .

Chris Dufresne, Los Angeles Times
: Says Obama will get the polar ice caps to stop melting before he’ll get college football’s postseason out of the grip of the people running it now.

Christine Brennan, USA Today: Writes that Obama whiffed in his first foray into sports, saying there were more serious sports issues, like steroids, that he should’ve mentioned first.

On a final note: I think this is worth mentioning, and I haven’t written an entire column on Obama’s comments, though I have mentioned his playoff support in bits and pieces in two columns. But this is a political analysis, not a sports analysis. A college football playoff is widely supported and really has no discernible partisan element. People from all walks of life can get behind it. And I think that’s what makes it attractive to Obama’s transition team. Not only is it a light topic that can help balance some of the serious issues that must be addressed, but it’s a topic that can draw cheers from the right and the left. And if you consider the inclusive tone this transition is trying to establish, a college football playoff is a big, fat, softball down the middle of the plate.

For anyone who has yet to see the “60 Minutes” clip, here you go . . .


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