U of L-WVU: Another logo scuffle

University of Louisville and West Virginia players got into a shoving match on the U of L midfield logo at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium today.

Replay officials have already reviewed the incident and determined WVU to have initiated it. I’d expect a penalty to be assessed at kickoff, one way or the other.

Regardless, this whole Logogate has gotten tiresome. It wasn’t confined to this stadium today. Michigan and Ohio State got into a huge scrum after an incident in Columbus. As former U of L football SID pointed out, “Must be the Rich Rodriguez school of pregame warmups kicking in.”

This logo stuff is stupid.

U of L’s seniors are lined up on top of their own logo right now.

I say, it’s either something you honor, or you don’t.

Here’s what I say. If you don’t like people stepping on your logo, beat them badly in the game. But don’t get into midfield fights, and don’t complain about it afterward.

The ultimate goal, remember, is to keep the other team from setting foot on your logos in the end zone.

Anyway, now that the nonsense is over, U of L is introducing its senior class, and I think it’s fair to say that no class in this program’s history has experienced quite the emotional swings that this one has. Two years ago it was part of a top 10 program, now it’s looking for its second win in the Big East.

The game against West Virginia two years ago was ranked as one of the top five that season in college football. This year, we may not have 30,000 in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, unless West Virginia travels well.

An already severely short-handed U of L team has now lost receiver Trent Guy for the game with cracked ribs. That after already losing offensive lineman Mark Wetterer and cornerback Woodney Turenne. A list of the Cards who have missed games this season:

Scott Long 7
Richard Raglin 6
Mark Wetterer 4
Ryan Payne 3
Latarrius Thomas 3
L.T. Walker 2
Rashad Roberts 2
Josh Byrom 2
Troy Pascley 2
Maurice Mitchell 2
Brandon Heath 2
Chris Vaughn 1
George Bussey 1
Trent Guy 1
Chris Campa 1
Woodney Turrene (out for season)


  • U of L is being outscored 96-57 in the fourth quarter and has been outscored in the fourth quarter in 7 out of its 10 games.
  • U of L is playing its eighth home game today, with a 4-3 record in its previous home games. U of L is 30-6 at home since 2003. Under Kragthorpe the past two seasons, it has been 8-5 at home. (Former coach Bobby Petrino was 22-1).
  • U of L’s three-game losing streak is its longest since 1997. U of L is averaging just 16 points per game in the streak and 117.7 yards rushing.
  • U of L says goodbye today to 22 seniors, a class that posted a four-year record of 32-15 with two bowl appearances, including the 2006 FedEx Orange Bowl victory.

5 thoughts on “U of L-WVU: Another logo scuffle

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