Rick Pitino apologizes to U of L fans

Rick Pitino has had a groundbreaking career. Today, he achieved perhaps another first — becoming the first coach to rip his own team on his blog.

Let’s be accurate. While he was critical of his team, his main purpose was to apologize to U of L fans and tell them they deserve better. You can read his full remarks here at his blog.

An excerpt:

Before victory is achieved, you earn it through practice. We had five practices to get ready for WKU. WKU, a dedicated group of young men who play with great purpose. Although we had only five practices, only one deserved victory. That’s a shame. Was it the arrogance of mild success? Or the ugly side of ego coming into play? In the twelve step alcohol and drug program ego is described as edging God out. In sports, ego is edging greatness out.

I didn’t see the game. I can’t weigh in, and I won’t weigh in on what happened on the court. I will say that I hope in all the post-game analysis of U of L’s problems that WKU’s achievement won’t be minimized. This was a major upset. And Pitino, in his blog, calls it his most disappointing loss as a coach.

I can’t get too worked up about early-season losses, no matter how bad. But this is as bad as it gets, for the main reason that these are upperclassmen from U of L making the mistakes, and having to learn lessons that should’ve been learned long ago.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this team moves forward. The big concern about this bunch has been stability — can they consistently bring the mental approach needed. When you have the talent that this team has, the biggest challenge is mental, and you saw a major breakdown this weekend.


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