English update, Maybin mail

ESPN now is reporting that University of Louisville defensive coordinator Ron English is a leading candidate for the head coaching job at Eastern Michigan University. His former boss at Michigan, Lloyd Carr, is among those heading the search.

I don’t know if this represents a narrowing of the pool at EMU or just further speculation over at ESPN, but it’s fair to assume at this point that English is a short-timer in Louisville. There are too many jobs available and he has been among a handful of assistant coaches around the nation who have been presumed ready for a head coaching job for a while.

He certainly has only enhanced his resume with his work this season at U of L, where he remade a woeful defense into one that has given the Cards a chance in most of their toughest games, despite some major personnel limitations.

And an email from Elizabeth Fust regarding my column today on Marques Maybin contains some good information for anyone facing paralysis:

I just read your article about Marques Maybin and felt compelled to write you. I’ve been wondering about Marques Maybin (I’m a big UofL basketball fan) ever since I suffered my own spinal cord injury in January of 2006. Louisville is surprisingly the center of some fantastic research on and rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries. I don’t think Maybin ever partook of the therapy, but I wondered about that since I heard he was back in town. My life has improved so much since I began therapy at Frazier that I find myself proselytizing about it. Bucks for Brains lured a rehabilitation researcher to Louisville — she is housed at Frazier and has moved the whole spinal cord medicine program toward an activity-based therapy model, which provides intensive exercises for the whole body — above and below the injury site — exploiting neural plasticity and leading to fantastic improvements in function for many people, old and young; some people even learn to walk again. Frazier also has a community fitness and wellness center specifically geared towards people with disabilities (and especially spinal cord injuries). There is equipment specifically designed for people in wheelchairs and trained staff who know how to help us.

Thanks to Elizabeth, and to all who have passed along messages to Maybin through my email address and directly to U of L.


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